samsung galaxy note 3

He Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is seeking to continue in precisely the exact same vein as the first Galaxy Notice and Galaxy Notice two, giving you a telephone that could almost be mistaken for a tablet computer and wants you to think it's equally.

Let us get 1 thing straight before we dip into this review, however, that the Galaxy Notice 3 is just likely to appeal to a narrow segment of consumers, it is surely not likely to get the wide appeal of this Galaxy S4, nor capture the eye of this fashion-conscious iPhone 5S buyer.

The Note 3 is not pretending to be anything it is not. It knows it is a large, some can say enormous, smartphone and Samsung knows that form factor will not be for everybody.

Nevertheless, with large size comes large cost, along with also the Galaxy Note 3 will probably put you back a wallet-busting #600 (approximately $950, AU$1,000) SIM-free.

The hefty cost may be redeemed if you opt to select the Note 3 upward on a two year contract, but you will still be paying a comparatively large amount per month to the privilege - up of #35 a month in the united kingdom if you need a complimentary phone.

Concerning rivalry there isn't a fantastic deal that contrasts to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, but its nearest competitor is presently the Sony Xperia Z Ultra that boasts a huge 6.4-inch which dwarfs this particular handset.

A fast glance over the Galaxy Notice 3 and it does precisely what we thought it'd do: takes on the mantle as the world's strongest smartphone, even though the benefit is a whole lot smaller this time.

We must mention that the screen - it has increased again because the 5.5-inch offering on the Note 2 into a hand busting 5.7 inches finish with a complete HD, 1080 x 1920 Super AMOLED screen.

It seems fairly impressive though - and therefore it should for the cost Samsung is requesting.

We are still awaiting Samsung to adopt the complete metallic chassis we have appreciated on the HTC One along with also the iPhone 5, however it's attempting something slightly different with the Note 3.

The Galaxy Note 3 has kept the metal framework from the Galaxy S4 running round the border of the unit offering a stiff body along with a more superior appearance, but it is about the trunk where Samsung has attempted something new.

It is not, naturally, it is that famous vinyl Samsung is really fond off. The end is textured to give it the look of leather and also this really provides some much desired grip.

Those stitches running across the exterior of the rear cover? Well that is only a pattern formed in plastic sheeting. It might not be everybody's cup of java and it seems a little tacky upon nearer review, however, the Note 3 will feel as a sound, well constructed apparatus.

On the plus side the plastic cap may be removed providing you with access to this Note 3's large 3,200mAh battery in addition to the microSD slot that's solidly piled on top of this microSIM jack - allowing Samsung to conserve a little space.

That is still quite a big apparatus, but considering it has a slightly bigger screen, beefier processor and stronger 13MP camera it is an impressive accomplishment.

People who are blessed with smaller hands will still fight to maintain the Note 3 at 1 hand, particularly when studying is demanded, but due to the reduced weight (it is 168g down from 183g about the Note 2) it is definitely the very manageable Note smartphone so far.

The absolute size of this Galaxy Notice 3 means you are going to be continuously shuffling this up and down the hands as you attempt to get to the volume rocker and power/lock keys situated towards the surface on the left and right sides of the handset as well as the menu keys under the screen.

Though the buttons are responsive, we discovered we tended to use our next hands to help us out when shifting out of the power/lock down key to the house, back and menu buttons.

Beneath the hood of the inspection unit sat an insanely strong 2.3GHz quad-core chip, even though a select few niches will probably be treated to a octa-core alternative which homes two quad chips.

In the front you will note there is a pleasingly slender bezel running both sides of the monster 5.7-inch screen, while underneath you receive the usual physical house key flanked by 2 signature keys - menu on the left and right rear to the right.

They are amazingly responsive, however, and you do not need to be worried about having your finger directly on the emblem, the region of recognition is broad enough to pick up even the most bemused stabs.

Aside from the suspicious leather-effect back the Samsung Galaxy Notice 3 provides up small concerning design. Sure it seems a bit more superior compared to Galaxy Note two, and it will feel nicely made - but in the end of the day it is a bit uninspiring.

People who petite even a penchant for skinny jeans will probably battle with the magnitude of this Note 3, but if you've been shot with its predecessors then you will be delighted to hear that is actually the best looking Notice smartphone so far.